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Sleeving is the action of crimping the cable. To crimp your cable, you need to buy the right sleeve for it. To create loops with or without thimbles we crimp cables starting from diameters of 1mm in our workshops..

You can find all our cables in the corresponding section.

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  • 0,06 € TTC

    Aluminium sleeve, used to make a loop with or without a thimble.

    From 0,06 € TTC
  • 1,02 € TTC

    Copper stop sleeve for stainless steel cable, to be pressed onto the cable using manual pliers or a hydraulic press.

    From 1,02 € TTC
  • 450,72 € TTC

    NICOPRESSTM sleeve tool Copper and aluminium sleeves Only for Ø6.0 mm cables

    From 450,72 € TTC
  • 538,99 € TTC

    NICOPRESS crimping tool for copper and aluminium sleeves, suitable for cables from Ø3.0 to 5.0 mm.

    From 538,99 € TTC
  • 0,28 € TTC

    Coated copper sleeve, NicopressTM type (more generous dimensions than other copper sleeves) for stainless steel cable. Used to make swaged loop cables with or without thimbles. Cheap and solid solution.

    From 0,28 € TTC
  • 830,88 € TTC

    NICOPRESSTM sleeve tool Copper and aluminium sleeves Only for Ø8.0 mm cables

    From 830,88 € TTC
  • 0,20 € TTC

    Copper sleeve for stainless steel cable, used to make a loop with or without thimble.

    From 0,20 € TTC
  • 14,09 € TTC

    Reinforced stainless steel thimble for specific use and splicing with technical ropes. 316 Grade stainless steel

    From 14,09 € TTC
  • 312,19 € TTC

    Cable cutter, special for steel and stainless steel. Ideal for cables from Ø3 to 8 max. For smaller diameters, prefer oursmall shears.

    From 312,19 € TTC
  • 27,23 € TTC

    Lightweight shears for small steel and stainless steel cables up to Ø4 or 7mm, depending on the selected model.

    From 27,23 € TTC
  • 0,37 € TTC

    Stainless steel thimble for use on sleeved cable loops or withserre-câbles étrieror on a rope loop + splice. A reputation of being the best in the world (and it's true!), the strongest on the market. We do what is needed for that, ... 316 grade stainless steel only. Video tutorial: How to use the product?

    From 0,37 € TTC
  • 185,60 € TTC

    Copper and aluminium sleeve swaging tool, suitable for diameter 1.5 to 5.0 mm cables.

    From 185,60 € TTC
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
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