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Railing kit:

Composed of a fork swaged in our workshops and a free end, these kits are delivered with a SWAGELESS type turnbuckle (approved by LLOYD'S).

They adapt to your boat, making it possible to quickly change your railings yourself, without any special tools and with maximum safety.

Standard lengths are 6 / 8 / 10 and 12m.

kit filiere voilier

Guardrail kit:

Composed of either dome head terminals, metric threaded terminals or forks, swaged in our workshops, and a free end to be cut to length on site, the guardrail kitsare delivered with a SWAGELESS type manual assembly tensioner.

An attractive concept, applicable to other diameters and lengths (contact us), these kits are easy to assemble and require no special tools.

The standard lengths are 3 / 6 and 9m.

kit câble garde-corps

Guardrails and main assemblies

Filling guardrails using stainless steel cable is one of the most frequent building industry stainless steel cable applications.


Stainless steel cable must only be used for the intermediate rails between the handrail and the solid element (glass, perforated sheet metal, plexiglass) on the lower part (45cm zone).

The 18cm spacing applicable to rigid tubes or bars must be reduced to a spacing of 11 to 14.5cm depending on the type of cable used.

Remember that this type of assembly is not covered by the NF P 01-012 standard and these recommendations are therefore not official.

Cable diameter:

The cable diameter and type are selected depending on the post profiles, but also using aesthetic criteria.

The most commonly used cable sizes are: Ø 5mm, Ø4mm for indoor guardrails and Ø5mm or Ø6mm for outdoor guardrails.

The use of a diameter greater than Ø6mm considerably increases the terminal sizes but also risks warping the post (due to the significant force required to tension the cable).

The different assemblies:

Depending on the configuration, the terminals and tensioning techniques differ. We have selected the most commonly used assemblies.

This list is, of course, far from being complete.

A)Guardrail Horizontal only, flat bar or rectangular tube uprights:

Kits dômes plats ou bombés

Comments on the "Dome" assemblies:

détails kits à dômes

B) Guardrail. Horizontal only, flat bar or rectangular tube uprights:

kits cables à terminaisons filetées

Comments on "threaded terminal" assemblies:

kit à terminaisons filetées

C) Guardrail sloped and horizontal with welded fixing brackets or eyebolts:

kit Cables pour escalier rampant

Comments on so-called "Sloped" assemblies:

kit cables pour escalier rampant

Custom cable: elements required for a quote:

The above assemblies are examples, as it is impossible to list all the combinations because the possibilities and applications are so numerous.

Our expertise allows us to guide you in your technical choice and to propose the best adapted solution.

To help you draw up your request, we have summed up the main items to send us to be able to give you a quote.

You can also fill in the quote request attached to the price list.


- The cable type: flexible (7*7), extra flexible (7*19) or rigid (1*19) and its diameter in mm.

- The load to be borne by the cable, the cable trajectory and its constraints (corners, returns).

- the aesthetic aspect being sought, depending on the requirement to conceal or on the contrary to highlight the cable.


- Profile, material and sizing: bars or tubes, complete description (Ø, thickness, possible existing drill holes or anchoring).

-Post location / distribution, corners and possible returns.

- Horizontal or sloping guardrail.

Intermediate post drilling:

- Type A1, A3, B1, B3 and C1 assemblies (2 swaged ends): for the intermediate post drill holes, refer to the drilling table(TECHNICAL INFORMATION / TERMINALS & CRIMP TURNBUCKLES section).

- A2, A4, B2, B4 and C2 type assemblies (1 swaged end, the other free): the intermediate post drill holes will be: cable Ø + 0.5mm min.


- Type A and B assemblies.

The length is defined outside the end posts (including profile thickness)

- Type C assemblies.

The length is defined "inside post measurements".

If there are existing anchors (welded ring, bracket, plate), send us the precise anchor size to check compatibility with the fork terminal, and in those case, measure the "axis/axis" measurement of the existing holes in the anchoring.

- All lengths must be givenwithout any deductions:

the INOX SYSTEM technician will calculate the length according to the cable and the anchor parameters.

- A2, A4, B2, B4 and C2 assemblies (1 x swaged end, the other free):

the cable will be delivered with a slight excess length and will have to be cut on site by the installer.

Kit installé chez clients