Inox System partner of the Stade Rochelais !


For many years now, we have been working for the railway industry, mainly on catenaries. Whether in France or abroad: Luxembourg, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritius... We offer our customers two solutions for the successful completion of their projects.

The first solution is the production of made-to-measure slings in our workshop. Most of the slings we produce for our customers are in diameters of 6, 8 and 10. They are made from 'monotoron' rope, which is very strong, especially on the sections where the load is very high (curves).

We strive to follow a precise manufacturing process in order to approach ISO9001 standards.

To achieve this, our manufacturing process consists of several steps:
- Material and dimensional control of the cable and stainless steel parts.
- Traceability of the assemblies and sub-assemblies used, by engraving the stainless steel parts: logo and serial number.
- The creation of stainless steel labels (attached to each sling), which allows each cable to be identified / located. This includes: the location of the cable on the line, its length, the date of manufacture, or any other information that seems important to our customers.
- Creation of a certificate of conformity in accordance with the NF L 00 015C standard
- Testing of at least one typical sling on a breaking test bench in order to qualify the process and consolidate the project file.

The second solution is to supply the bare cable and parts, to be crimped directly on site by our customers. Some customers prefer to work in this way and do the crimping themselves on site. In this case, we supply them with certified cable reels, crimping parts and crimping tools if required.

Again, we provide quality monitoring / traceability based on ISO9001 methods (similar to the process above).

The most common parts used in project bills of material are fixed clevis terminations or eye terminations.
They can be mounted on a rigging screw or used directly crimped on the cable depending on the role of the sling on the tramway line.