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1) Parts list + exploded view of a swageless terminal.

2) Assembly principle.

Terminaison manuelle montage

  1. Push the conical body 1 onto the cable
  2. Position jaw 2 evenly on the cable
  3. Place ring 3 against the jaw 2, taking care to leave at least 5 mm between it and the cable end
  4. Move body 1 onto jaw 2
  5. STRONGLY screw on terminal 4 and secure the assembly using the counter nut

3) Recommendations and maintenance.

  1. You can use our "swageless " manual terminals with construction cables (1*19) , (7*7), (7*19), or Dyform cables.
  2. Make sure that the cable cross-section matches the terminal dimensions used.
  3. For extended use in saline or highly polluted environments, regularly check the terminal for damage and/or seal the entire terminal during assembly using a sealant such as SIKAFLEX 221 ® . If the seal is damaged, clean the terminal with fresh water and then treat it with a metal lubricant, and re-apply the sealant.
  4. When using these terminals, the cable strength is reduced by 0 to 15%, depending on the cable diameter and how rigorous your assembly has been.
  5. The jaws are single use only and cannot be re-used.
  6. Users are responsible for checking the correct equipment selection/sizing and its proper assembly.

4) Table of "Swageless" terminal technical specifications

Cable cross-section in mm Breaking load in Kg Tightening torque in N.m
3 700 11
4 1500 17
5 2000 22
6 2900 38
7 4000 48
8 5200 58
10 8200 75
12 11800 NC
14 17000 NC
16 23000 NC

Compatibilité avec cable anglais UNF

This range of parts is manufactured in an ISO9001 factory and has been entered on the LLOYD'S REGISTER.

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