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1) Sleeving

The use of sleevesand cable clampsis limited to 'Flexible' and 'Extra-flexible' cables.

The NICOPRESS sleeves in galvanized copper provide better corrosion resistance, the aluminium sleeveswill be for indoor use and low tension loads.

2) Assembly

Dead line excess = 1.5 x cable Ø

Order of pressing 1/ in the centre of the sleeve, 2/ at the loop, 3/ at the dead line.

Thimbles are used to protect the cable loop inner strands.


For use on sheathed cable, the sheathed part of the sleeved cable must be stripped off: this is mandatory!

3) U-bolt cable clamp

Recommendation: The number of cable clamps varies depending on the diameter of the cable being used:

Préconisation nombre serre-cables

a) Assembly

The u-bolt must be on the cable dead line

montage serre-cables etrier

Distance between each cable clamp = 6 x cable Ø


Once again, for use on sheathed cable, the sleeved part of the cable must be stripped away: this is mandatory.


We recommend fitting a HU nut before the cap nut: it will act as a counter nut and prevent loosening.

The reduced nuts are intended as finishing for the design lineterminals and as a turnbuckle tensioner counter-nut.

The threaded balls can be used as nuts for pitched (sloped) assemblies.