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La Rochelle, April 14, 2023 - Some of you may be wondering about stainless steel mesh. But what are they really used for? To answer all your questions, I decided to conduct an interview with Inox System.

What is the main use of stainless steel mesh?

The primary function of stainless steel nets is safety. As far as "safety" applications are concerned, we can mention the following:

  • Filling guardrails
  • Anti-fall protection for objects (nursery, schoolyard, etc.) or people
  • Anti-crossing (in parking lots, bicycle garages, etc.)
  • Zone separation
  • Ball protection

The elegance of this product has enabled its use to be extended to applications such as :

  • Greening (building facades, pergolas, communities, industry);
  • Architectural use (decoration, design).

We assume that these nets have advantages and disadvantages. What are they?

This is a product with many advantages.

Apart from the safety aspect, we can highlight : Aesthetics, transparency, lightness and durability (stainless steel is virtually eternal).

There is one drawback to bear in mind when it comes to installation: the net is not self-sufficient; a structure is needed to support it.

What do you offer?

We have two solutions for "crimped" mesh netting: we stock rolls that can be recut according to project requirements, for standardized railing heights. Above all, we offer made-to-measure solutions, which account for 95% of all requests. All projects are unique, and we can easily adapt and deliver "ready-to-install" nets to our customers.
If I place an order with you, how quickly will I receive it?

When rolls are in stock, orders are generally dispatched within 48 hours, or a little longer in busy periods. If you opt for "made-to-measure" production, the lead time will be around 5 weeks. And for delivery outside France, you'll need to allow an extra week.

Who do you work with? Who are your target customers?

We mainly work with professionals. In particular, the construction industry, locksmiths/metalworkers, architects, engineers, design offices, landscapers... but we also work with private individuals.

Is installation accessible to all? What tools are needed for installation?

It's important to remember that a net has to fit into a frame that's closed on all sides, so it's important to take the time to install it meticulously.

As far as tools are concerned, which we also offer, you'll need :

  • shears
  • Crimping pliers
  • And patience

You'll find the installation instructions on our website, as well as a video tutorial on YouTube to help you visualize the process.
Video tutorials:
Installation instructions:

Have you completed any significant projects? Can you name a few?

Yes, we have completed some major projects, such as :

  • Installation of fall arrest netting and guardrails in the Lyon Saint Exupéry airport parking lot, and at Cayenne airport in French Guiana.
  • The new parking lot at the Troyes SNCF train station for anti-crash systems
  • Chambéry stadium for bodyguards
  • Securing sports arenas (soccer, golf, handball)
  • Securing several prison courtyards, etc...

To see more of our work, please visit our photo gallery on our website:

Do the nets require maintenance?

Our marine-grade stainless steel nets require no special maintenance.

However, for all sites, we recommend that you install the nets last to avoid aggressive dust deposits. To preserve the shine of stainless steel, we recommend cleaning with water and black soap if necessary.

Thanks for all your answers. What about the price?

The price varies according to your project, and may seem expensive for some, but because of its advantages, the net we offer is very good value for money. In terms of market positioning, stainless steel mesh is a more affordable solution than glass railings, for example.

To conclude this interview, tell us about your future projects.

Following numerous requests, we've decided to reinforce our installation team to support our customers in their projects.

On the other hand, we've just finished our new brochure, available on our website:

Finally, we know that the greening of walls is an increasingly widespread practice in urban areas, due to its many ecological and aesthetic advantages. Aware of the importance of taking action, we are doing our utmost to offer solutions that are accessible to both professionals and private individuals. To this end, we've decided to market stainless steel vegetation kits in standard sizes, ready to be shipped and installed.

We would like to thank the Inox System team for all their answers.

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