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About us

A Yachting Thommeret department which became an independent profit centre in 1992, INOX SYSTEM specialises in the production of swaged cables and the distribution of stainless steel cables and accessories. A partner of the top European and worldwide manufacturers, we stock and offer a complete range of recognised quality.

A pioneer in industrial and architectural swaging uses, INOX SYSTEM is your preferred partner for the study and manufacture of your project, without any sector or application limits. Our high production and adaptation capacity allows us to meet all your expectations in terms of skills and deadlines.

Thanks to a high-performance production tool (4 crimping tools for cables from Ø2 to Ø28mm) and an uncompromising focus on component origin and specifications, INOX SYSTEM supplies and manufactures cables that meet the most stringent quality and safety requirements.

Swaging is carried out directly in our workshops by longitudinal roller stamping, guaranteeing state of the art production.

Regularly tested by independent laboratories, our products and swaging are checked at the various stages of manufacture, allowing for traceability and the supply of certificates of conformity.

We have been the exclusive distributor in France of Danish Blue Wave hardware products, an ISO 9001 certified company for over 15 years.

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Inox-System guarantees

Express deliveries throughout France

Our large stock of cables and fittings allows us to ship a large number of orders every day to France and elsewhere, by express or courier delivery.

A wide choice of stainless steel products

Guy wires, suspension lines, railings, lifelines, artistic creations, rigging, INOX SYSTEM's products are used in many fields

The guarantee of very high quality products

We have been the exclusive distributor in France of Danish Blue Wave hardware products, an ISO 9001 certified company for over 15 years.

A company recognised for over 50 years

We have been a stainless steel cable and accessory specialist since 1985. You will be able to complete your bespoke projects thanks to our expertise in the field and our advice.

Our engineering expertise

We can help with your most specific projects:
The Inox System mechanical engineering design office uses CAD and calculation resources. We can study / create specific parts or assemblies for you, whether they are directly linked to the stainless steel cable or not.

We can also (pre-)size these specific parts / assemblies for you.

Our small and medium series machining, laser cutting, folding, stamping and mechanical welding production facilities allow us to meet the needs of non-standard projects and thus allow you to broaden your customer offer.

Computer-aided design or CAD includes all the software and modelling techniques used to design, virtually test - using a computer and digital simulation techniques - and produce manufactured products and the tools to manufacture them.

The studies carried out on your behalf are your property and are delivered to you in the form of files (format to be defined together).

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