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This new line of stainless steel and aluminium terminals patented by Blue Wave®is ideal for any textile rigging and shrouding projects.

It is suitable for ropes such as Dyneema® or Ultra High Modulus Polyethylene (UHMWPE) which have avery high strength to weight ratiowhile keeping the advantage of their flexibility.

Vue intérieure du montage d'une terminaison pour cordage

The Ropeline range has innovating Marine Stainless Steel (AISI316) or High Strength Aluminium terminals (gain on the embarked weight):

  1. Innovating product
  2. More opportunities to benefit from Dyneema® ropes
  3. Unique design, attractive design
  4. Easy and convenient to use and assemble
  5. 100% Stainless steelAISI316 high quality
  6. Wide and complete range
  7. Compatible with all existing assemblies (stainless steel wire rope replacement)
  8. Available in AISI316L grade stainless steel or black anodized aluminium

Easy to use with our existing rigging screws and deck fittings, our full range of rigging equipment is well-known for its quality.

In this range, the "eye" and "fork" terminals can either be stainless steel or aluminium.

Ropeline terminal assembly principle:

These terminals are assembled in just 4 steps. (See diagram below).

For assembly, you will need these three parts and a rope Dyneema®

pièces nécessaires

1) Thread the bushing onto the rope

étape 1

2) Make a splice around the wheel thimble (following the instructions given by your rope supplier)

étape 2

3) Put the spliced wheel thimble back into the bushing

étape 3

4) Screw on and lock the bushing with the eye. The use of thread locker to secure your assembly is recommended

étape 4

Note: Be careful not to damage your rope fibres