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    We have been specialising in stainless steel cables and accessories since 1958. We provide our expertise in the field and our advice to help you realise your custom-made projects.

Stainless steel products

You will find stainless steel products here: turnbuckles, snap hooks, chain plates, shackles...

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  • 7,08 € TTC

    Protects sails from chafing and reduces snaggingEasy to clip on to railings (from 6 to 10 mm) external diameter 70mm

    From 7,08 € TTC
  • 366,02 € TTC

    Optimisation of the rigging and sail plan efficiency Improves the performance of the sail boat Available with wheel, handle or ratchet forged body, strong

    From 366,02 € TTC
  • 9,05 € TTC

    Symmetrical Stainless steel 316LSymmetrical shape With eye for strap or spliceMaximum working load (MWL): to be considered only for industrial applicationsAll types of fast manoeuvres Asymmetric 316L stainless steelAsymmetrical shape for optimal load transferWith eye for belt passageAll types of quick manoeuvresIntegrated with Wichard harness backups...

    From 9,05 € TTC
  • 21,34 € TTC

    - Remarkable strength - Forged in HR stainless steel - Captive piston - Wide range - Easy to open - Multi-purpose: halyard, harness back-up

    From 21,34 € TTC
  • 13,58 € TTC

    - Forged in HR "High Strength" stainless steel - Remarkable working loads - French design - Can be up to 60% stronger than a 316L stainless steel shackle Typical applications of a shackleConnection between two elements: halyard point, blocks... Not suitable for mooring applications

    From 13,58 € TTC
  • 15,00 € TTC

    Remarkable workload in any position  Retractable and small footprint corrosion resistance Multi-purpose: fasteners, shrouds, pulleys, lifelines... ISO15085 compliant: recommended for the installation of lifelines and harness anchor points

    From 15,00 € TTC
  • 20,71 € TTC

    Simple mooring hooks: Simple mooring hooks Ideal for moorings With hook plate, fits all types of boat hooks Ideal for trunk moorings Automatic mooring hooks: Automatic operation Easy to use Ideal for moorings With hook plate, fits all types of boat hooks Ideal for trunk moorings Mooring hook plate: Accessory to be fixed on any type of boat hook Ideal...

    From 20,71 € TTC
  • 402,65 € TTC

    Perfect solution to install a releasable forestay (genoa or solent) to adapt to changing sailing conditions. Particularly recommended when a furler is already installed Easy installation and removal thanks to the carabiner. Applications installation of a forestay to set up a stormjib, a solent or a light genoa. Improves the performance of the boat...

    From 402,65 € TTC
  • 7,39 € TTC

    - Registered design - French manufacture - Forged in 316L or HR stainless steel - Excellent working loads and breakage - Careful design - Multi-purpose on board

    From 7,39 € TTC
  • 35,39 € TTC

    - Full range of products -Forged in HR 17.4 Ph stainless steel - Outstanding workload and breaking loads - Ball bearing models available - Multi-purpose on board - Not recommended for underwater use

    From 35,39 € TTC
  • 17,74 € TTC

    Softlink Textile Shackle for all boaters looking for performance and ease of use. It is easy to put on and take off even after being powered up. It will easily replace any type of shackle or hook while offering lightness, strength and performance. 

    From 17,74 € TTC
  • 98,76 € TTC

    - forged in TA6V titanium (up to 45% lighter than 316L stainless steel) - available in straight or lyre version - perfect for competition

    From 98,76 € TTC
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
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