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Company name: INOX SYSTEM

Registered office address: 14 rue Anita Conti, 17180, Périgny, France

Editorial Manager: François Lenoir

Telephone: 01 39 19 11 00


Share capital: €100,000

Siret no.: 491 040 119

Intra-community VAT: FR 90 491 040 119

Website host



Site designers


2 rue André Aubreville

17138 Saint-Xandre


18 Avenue Albert Einstein

17000 - La Rochelle, France


The user of the website (hereinafter the Customer) undertakes with regard to INOX SYSTEM (La Rochelle R.C.S no. 491040119) to comply with this Charter in connection with the use of the website .

The Customer acknowledges that access to the online sales services on the website is protected for use by the Customer by one or more identification number(s), one or more personal and confidential code(s), assigned by the company INOX SYSTEM when the Customer registers to access the website.

At the Customer's request, these codes and identifiers are initially provided by the company INOX SYSTEM to the designated contact person at the Customer's premises.

Any renewal of codes and/or identifiers may be carried out at the initiative of the company INOX SYSTEM or of the Customer. The latter may result in costs which the latter agrees to bear. Any new code or new identifier will be sent to the initially designated contact person unless prior notice is sent to INOX SYSTEM by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt appointing a new contact person.

Any transactions taking place via the website require the Customer to enter the identification number(s) and the personal code(s) that it holds.

The identification number(s) and code(s) are strictly confidential and personal; therefore, the Customer is solely responsible for maintaining their confidentiality. Thus, in all cases, and regardless of the means used, it is expressly agreed that any query, access or order given on the website, after the identifier and/or code have been entered, shall be deemed to have been irreparably carried out by the Customer to whom said identifiers or codes are attached.

The Customer expressly acknowledges that INOX SYSTEM may not be held liable for any unjustified or fraudulent use or order.

Photographs or graphic material and, in general, any descriptions of a product presented on the website are provided for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a contractual commitment which the Customer may avail itself of, in particular in the context of a claim for product non-compliance. Only the product reference constitutes a certain contractual element which is binding between the parties.