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1) Swageless terminals:

The DESIGN LINE swageless terminals are designed for decorative use and should not be used as railings or rigging.

In contrast to the standard swageless hand-mounted terminals and turnbuckles, the swageless Design line terminals have a breaking load limited to 50 % of the cable breaking load (7 strands/ 7 wires or 7 strands/19 wires) for the corresponding Ø, and are limited to a maximum diameter of 6 mm.

Do not use with single strand cable (1*19), which is too rigid.

Terminaison Design manuelle

2) Swage terminals:

The DESIGN LINE includes the main elements of the standard swaged range, butwith reduced dimensions and a lower breaking load.

It can be used for more discreet assemblies, on projects that do not require a great deal of strength such as interior decoration or furnishings, guard rail filling, etc.

For safety reasons, DESIGN LINE terminal and turnbuckle breaking loads are limited to 50% of the breaking load of a single-strand rope (1-strand 19 wires) of the corresponding diameter.


Ø4 mm single strand cable = 1340 kg

"Expected' DESIGN LINE terminal breaking load = 50% of 1340 kg = 670 kg

With a maximum cable diameter of Ø6 mm or Ø10 mm depending on the model, DESIGN LINE terminals are swaged using a roller machine, using the jaws of the smaller diameter: (Example: if Ø 6 mm cable, then Ø5 mm jaws)

The reduced diameter of the part to be crimped (thickness of the material to be shaped) also allows manual pressing/crimping by means of a suitable crimping tool.

(Ask us about this).

3) Turnbuckles and turnbuckle accessories:

The maximum thread size for terminals, turnbuckle accessories and turnbuckle bodies is M12.

The bodies are of reduced length to fit the short DESIGN LINE terminal threads.

Ridoir Design chape/chape

4) Fixing and finishing accessories:

With only metric threading and tapping, the DESIGN LINE finishing accessories also adapt to and complete the standard range terminals.


Accessoires inox Ligne Design