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Green Wall


The concepts of living wallsgreen walls or plant walls describe vertical gardens or ecosystems, which are more or less artificial, designed either as aesthetic decorative elements, or as part of what is known as urban gardening, or as works of art using plants, or as elements of urban ecology.

They can be both interior and exterior depending on the required effect.


  • Very good thermal and sound insulation, so in winter it will keep in the heat and in summer it will reduce the heat in the room
  • Used to improve the aesthetics of a building by hiding the wall
  • Reduces sound volume by acting as a sound barrier
  • Improves indoor air quality: plants filter and release healthier oxygen
  • Protects facades from bad weather: rain, hail... and thus extends the life of the walls
  • Promotes biodiversity: birds and insects can benefit from it
  • Promotes well-being at home or at work, reducing stress and promoting social cohesion

Discover the advantages in video here


If it is a project for a private individual with a few m², the installation can be done by yourself. On the other hand, if the project is substantial, the services of a professional are required because the installation can become complex and requires the use of high-performance tools.

Different assemblies: